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Pepperoni Roll Fundraiser Background Board.png
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» When our fundraiser ends, how long does it take to get the pepperoni rolls?

Frequently Asked Questions

After we receive the total rolls sold, it generally takes from 5 to 7 days. We can work with specific needs if the situation arises where the rolls are needed sooner.

» Can we sell the rolls for more than $13.00 per pack?

You can sell the rolls for whatever price you decide and your price remains $6.50 per pack. Groups that sell the rolls for $13.00 tend to have more success by offering a good value to customers.

» How many pepperoni rolls do we have to sell to have a fundraiser?

We do fundraisers of all sizes, no matter how large or small the group or organization.

» Do you deliver the pepperoni rolls?

We can arrange delivery for orders of 400 rolls or more. Check the Delivery Area section for details on the delivery area and delivery times.

» Can the pepperoni rolls be frozen?

The pepperoni rolls can be frozen because they are made fresh and never frozen by us. We do suggest that you place them in freezer safe bags to ensure proper freshness.

» Is there peanut oil in the pepperoni rolls?

We don’t use any peanut oil products in the preparation of the pepperoni rolls, so peanut allergy concerns are not a problem.

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